It is the policy of Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club to review and give fair consideration to all requests from Local organizations and charities. While we strive to approve several requests each year, the demand simply outweighs our ability to provide to all requesting organizations. Priority will be given to those events and organizations which are located in the immediate surrounding areas, with consideration also given to requests within the state of Michigan. Decisions for all donations will be made on an annual basis in November for the following year. All requests must be submitted by October 31st for consideration. The Community Relations Committee, made up of select members of the Arcadia Bluffs executive team, will review the requests in November and those organizations chosen for a donation will be notified in December.

Request Procedure and Guidelines

1. All requests must be submitted using the Arcadia Bluffs Donation Request Form found below. The request must be accompanied by supporting documents regarding the event or requesting organization.

2. Submit the completed request by the October 31st deadline.

3. The form must be filled out completely for the request to be considered.

4. Organizations or events will not receive donations more than once every three years.

5. Only nonprofit organizations will be considered and must provide proof of tax exemption.

6. Requests that solicit financial support for individuals, political candidates or campaigns, or entities will not be considered.

Organizations that are granted a donation will be contacted by a member of the Community Relations Committee of the decision by December 15th. At that time, the guidelines for using the donation will be provided such as tee time parameters for donated golf, dining donation procedures/reservation availability, etc.